A Picture of Courtyard

"Sew the seeds of your own demise as you fight to remain six feet above"-In-Game Description

This is the third free map that comes with zombiecraft.


-When your flamethrower runs out of ammo, it is possible to fill up the empty bucket with water and use this glitch to get out of the map.

-Pathfinding is imperfect

-From the starting room, you can jump and see that MD65 (Creator of map) forgot to remove tyken's test world bunker.


This map possibly has more rooms than any other map, so it will be hard to list them all. This map was built with the help of emoheart; his server was used to build the map on.


-Support Soda is possibly further than in any other map.

-This map has the mostest rooms.

-This is one of the easiest maps to reach round 15 and over.