""The cake is a pie""-Ingame painting.

The Halls of Survival is a map in zombiecraft.


Its a downloadable map for free.It has 6 rooms:the starting room,the Trap Room,3 hallways, and the Supply Room.

Starting Room= This is a room where you spawn.It has all buyable weapons and the Magnum.It has glass from where you enter the battleground.

Trap Room=as the name says,it has a lever which activates the trap.Sadly,its not for free,and costs 2500 points to activate.Very useful to reach high rounds like 25,but you need to turn on the power to activate the trap.

Hallways=they contain many spawns.The map becomes very hard when you open all 3 of em.

Supply Room=It contains Juggernaut,Supply,Speed and Charge Sodas,Mystery Box, lever which activates the power and Bouncing Betties.