Jungle of TormentEdit

"In a dark jungle in the far reaches of a world, a lone explorer is trapped in a ancient Temple fighting for his life. Zombies come from the trees and the makeshift barricades. Here the person must uncover the secrets of the JUNGLE OF TORMENT!"thumb|300px|right|Video Playthrough

- A detailed description

Jungle of Torment is a User map made by Chibihammer. It is set in a ancient temple filled with zombies. It's a large map with multiple doors to open. It uses a custom texture pack that can be downloaded Here

Starting RoomEdit

Jungle of Torment (starting room)

The starting Room

The Starting room for Jungle of Torment is a small entrance to the map. It only has the Kar98 to buy off the wall and has three barricades. One near the debris, one to the next to the Juggernog and another is near the steps. The Juggernog is also located here. There is one exit door leading to the Overgrown Corridor.

Overgrown CorridorEdit

The Overgrown corridor is the second room and where it starts to get quite hard. There are three barricades, one near the two debris blocks. Another is closest to the trench gun with the final barricade right next to it. This is also zombies dropping down from the trees. Making it very hard to camp. There are no perk machines in this room, but there is a trench gun avalible to buy off the wall. There are 2 doors avalible to buy. The first to the small mystery box room. The other to the altar room.

Mystery box roomEdit

The mystery box room is the smallest room in the map, it has one barricade and the mystery box. It also has the speed soda avalible to buy. Zombies will also drop from the trees in here. But less frequently than the Overgrown corridor.