The Kar98k in-hand with about 2 and a half clips of bullets

Ammo Share Kar98k - AR35

The Kar98k shares ammo with the AR35.

The Kar98k is a bolt action rifle. It is typically found on the wall at the starting point for players and costs 200 points to get, it can also be found in the mystery box. It is usually effective for the first three rounds, but past three rounds it will be pretty much useless due to low damage and a low rate of fire.

Weapon Statistics

Damage- 3

Magazine Size- 10 rounds

Fire Rate- approximately 1 bullet per second

It becomes useless after round 5.

How to find

It is on the starting room at ALL maps,and its the cheapest weapon in-game,costing 200.


-The Kar98k shares ammo with the AR35