The MP40 in-hand with about 4 clips of bullets.

MP40 is a SMG in zombiecraft.

It is a very useful weapon,even more than Uzi,but has as much ammo as Uzi.


The MP40 is a fully-automatic weapon, and can be easily used to mow down multiple targets.

It costs 1000.

How to find

Courtyard-Room on the right,near the room with Uzi

Resort and Nacht-Box

Halls-Starting Room


  • The MP40 can share ammo with Uzi.
  • It seems to be more useful in Halls of Survival than any other map.
  • You can easily find a way to get it secretly in Nacht Der Untoten.
  • Use this and a camp spot to mow down zombies.
  • you can last to round 14 or more atleast depending on how good you are.
  • The Support Soda people have the MP40.