Nacht der Untoten

Room 1 of Nacht der Untoten, Zombiecraft 2.0

2012-03-15 14.25.46

Help Room in Nacht Der Untoten

2012-03-15 14.27.36

Upstairs Room 1 of Nacht Der Untoten

2012-03-15 14.27.43

Upstairs Room 2 of Nacht Der Untoten

"An minecrafty replica of the original map. Load up this map and kill some zombies!"-In game description. 

Nacht Der Untoten is the first map and the first map released by the Modzilla Team. It is based on the Call of Duty map of the same name.


It has 3 rooms:Starting Room,Help Room and upstairs.

Starting Room=You will spawn in this room,

there are 2 doors which can be bought one leading to the help room and the other to upstairs.

there are 2 weapons you can buy off-wall

Kar98k 200 points

M1 Garand 600 points

Help Room=This is a dowstairs room and has 2 doors you have to open one to get here this room contains

Speed Soda

Trenchgun 1500 points

Mystery Box

Upstairs=This is the room upstairs it is often used as a last stand and contains

Bouncing Betties 1000 points

Support Soda 3000 points

Juggernog/Armour Cola 2500 points

Secret MP40 1000 points

Easter Eggs & GlitchesEdit

In the Upstairs room you may see in a corner a off wall weapon mark you may walk over the fences off the upstairs/start room and come into a nice spot where you may buy the MP40

If you go upstairs by going through help room and then take that way upstairs and leave the start/upstairs door close no zombies will spawn upstairs


-This is the only map that doesnt have any sodas.

-The mystery box is closest to the player than in any other map.

-This is the smallest map in zombiecraft

-"Nacht Der Untoten" means "Night Of The Undead" in english.